Before binge watching Parks and Rec last year I had never heard of Galentine’s Day. Thank you, Netflix! For those of you who don’t know, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) would gather all of her best gal pals on February 13th, have some waffles and celebrate the love of female friendship. Now I’m all for the romantic stuff of February 14th – even though we never celebrate in any big way – but this is definitely something to prioritize either along with Vday or, for those of you who hate it, in place of all the cliché hallmark stuff. Plus, do we ever really need an excuse to celebrate the loveliest ladies in our lives?

Female friendship is REAL and should be celebrated HARD. Always.

So, how did I make sure that the important women in my life knew how much I cherished them? A couple of ways. For those in my life here in Chicago I hosted a brunch where we sat in our jammies, drank mimosas and had girl time. Girl time mostly meaning a mini marathon of old America’s Next Top Model eps. You wanna be on top? Na na na na na. You know the drill.


Onesies etc. were required.

mimosa bar

A mimosa bar is a necessity these days. #mamaneedsherjuice


Pictured here are three types of cream cheese dip (regular, pumpkin and cookie butter) for our fruit and crunchy items. In the oven still working we had lemon poppyseed scones, cranberry coconut bread and pancetta spinach quiche. NOM.

cinnamon toast crunch cake

The piece de resistance, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cake. YUM.

For my best ladies who live out of town I sent a little love letter. Vintage Garage Chicago had this great holiday market a few months ago where I found a whole bunch of really cool old keys. I had seen some necklaces that I wanted to recreate so I hit Michaels for some leather chain and necklace clasps thinking they would make great gifts for the extra special women like sister and mom. Overall everyone received at least a love note from me on a french inspired note card or a Curly Girl card. Meaningful words go a long way…for pretty much every human.

antique key

For the necklaces it was as simple as fastening the clasp to the leather chain and then creating a little knot through the key hold. Super simple with the key itself as the only real statement. I love them! I’ll definitely be making a few different styles in the future.

love key

I found a key that said “Curtis” so of course I got that one to wear around my neck since he does hold the key to my heart and all that mushy stuff. Then I thought, each of the women in my life also holds a key to my heart – just to a different part. The part where wine chats, period cries, and sisterhood live. I get encouragement, understanding and some of the most rock solid support I have from these ladies. The female bond is truly unparalleled.


*Side Note: If you don’t know what curly girl is I implore you to click the link and take a peek. I have been in love with this company for several years now and there is no substitution for their genuine messages and adorable art.

The point is, you don’t need a made up holiday to celebrate the amazing friendships in your life. Make it a priority any day and every day. I hope that this post inspires you to reach out and tell someone how much they mean to you. It’s an unparalleled feeling for them and for you.

All the good feels!