Hey there! Let’s get acquainted.

Generous and Joyful was born after feeling that I needed a creative outlet for all of the different paths I’m taking in life. I’m terrible at journaling but love the idea of chronicling my life and work through writing. With my middle name being Joy and my last name being Generous that title seemed like an accurate depiction of the type of lifestyle I try to embody. Simply because I was named for it.

I am a Michigander turned Chicagoan which seems to happen often around here. I grew up in the middle of a cornfield and thus have a great appreciation for back country roads and big city lights. It’s all about balance. I got my bachelors at Grand Valley State University where I studied Hospitality and Business with an emphasis in Event Coordination. Curtis and I met when I was a server and he was a cook during my final internship for school. We fell in lurve, got our first big jobs (me as an Event Coordinator and him as a Sous Chef), got married and then moved to the city just a few months later. It’s been almost four years since then! He’s now a hotshot Chef at a downtown steakhouse and I decided to professionally pursue acting (well hey there to that theatre minor I almost completed). I now nanny by day and perform, write, craft and have my hands in all things creative by night.