Yay for very hard-working and successful hubbies! Curtis won Manager of the Year at work and our Vegas trip was part of his award. SCORE! While we wanted this to be a relaxing long weekend it ended up being lots of adventuring – as always we had a hard time staying still for too long. Here’s a list of what we thought was worthwhile, assuming that gambling and laying by the pool are a given.

1. Walk the Strip

This is pretty obvious but there are just so many things to see. The facades of all the hotels/casinos are enough to make you feel like you’re at an adult amusement park but the inside of each place is bursting with shopping, restaurants, amazing art work and different decor themes. Pictures for days! My personal favorites were the Bellagio Gardens and fountain show, Caesars Forum Shops and The Venetian’s beautiful canals.












2. EAT

Click here to see my separate post about all of the delectable items we ate while in Vegas. If the below picture doesn’t entice you I don’t know WHAT will.

3. See a Show

Curtis lived in Vegas for a year during culinary school and he explained pretty early in our trip planning that seeing a show in Vegas is like playing blackjack or heading to a buffet. It’s absolutely a rite of passage for any newby. While we were in town we saw Jersey Boys and it was incredible! We sang Frankie Vallie for weeks afterward. There are plenty of resources to find out what shows are currently playing and what the cheapest tickets are.

4. Red Rocks

Get off the strip and see some Vegas beauty. This was one of my favorite experiences on our trip because I wasn’t expecting such incredible scenery within a half hour of the strip. We took the driving tour and there were several spots where you could get out and take pictures. It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

5. Fremont St

Get ready for the neon lights! Fremont Street is the “old” part of town with a lot of the original casinos and shiny signs. It’s similar to attending a fun street festival with lots of people, lots of vendors, some live music and a million photo ops. We stumbled upon an 80s cover band and it was a blast!

6. The Hoover Dam

A 45 minute drive from the strip sits one of the most incredible man made structures in the world. Well worth the drive! It is surely something to behold.


Standing in two places at once! (Arizona and Nevada state lines)


7. Grand Canyon

We were fortunate enough to have a rental car and enough time to drive onward from The Hoover Dam to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. I’ve never seen anything like it in the entire world. If you have an opportunity and have never been then definitely make this a priority. They have a beautiful skywalk at this location but we saved the money and even without that experience it was still more than worth it! The drive itself was absolutely stunning. It’s a little over two hours total from Las Vegas and is on the Hualapai Reservation which added so much interesting culture to the trip as well.

If you’d like to know more about how I created our itinerary visit my Las Vegas Pinterest Board.