Ooo it’s so cold out. Winter. Comfort food come to me. Crock pot make it happen.

Here are 3 Mexican inspired soups that I tried this past month. Thank you, pinterest and other bloggers. Thank you, sour cream and tortilla chips. Thank you, Mexican everything. Now, don’t start thinking they all taste the same because some of them have crossover ingredients. To show you how individual the flavor profiles are I gave each of them a code name. Because, why not?

1. Jalapeno Chili Lime Chicken Soup 

*Citrus Kick*

So in love with the spicy kick from the jalapenos but the overall citrus flavor from the lime was my favorite thing ever! I will make this one again and again and again. I think I ate it six days in a row with no complaints.

Get the recipe at Little Spice Jar

2. Black Bean Taco Chili 

*Veggie Punch*

This one definitely felt more like a hearty broth based soup with a Mexican flare. The chicken flavor comes through boldly but it’s packing a ton of veggies which balances things out.

Get the recipe at Baked By Rachel

3. Green Chile Enchilada Soup

*The Chip Dipper*

This one was creamy, cheesy, corny, chicken-y. Yum! It’s basically a chip dip that’s thin enough to pretend to be a soup. I liked it even better the second day after it had thickened and the flavors had melded a little bit more. Curtis may have accidentally added more cream cheese than was necessary but is that really a problem? NO.

Get the recipe at Lil’ Luna

 food-peppers-kitchen-yum-large IMG_20160215_133341


Get a 3 pound box of tortilla chips for $5 from Mariano’s and be sure to crumble them over top. Enjoy!

Leah tested, Curtis approved.