1. Egg Slut

Within the District Market downtown LA there is a place where all egg sluts can go to be accepted and loved. I was ALL about this place from the second I heard the name. I love eggs more than the average person. Put them in or on everthing I say! We ordered the bacon, egg and cheese and the gaucho. Whether you’re looking for a classic egg sandwich done right or something a little more exotic, they’ve got it.




2. Press Brothers Juicery

Press Brothers, also in the District Market, held the key to maybe the only healthy thing I did for my body while we were on vaca in Cali. Get your greens! Juices and smoothies galore with everything you need to feel healthy.



3. Urth Cafe

I went here for the Moroccan Mint Boba but was astounded at how many options they had for breakfast, lunch and dessert. There is a huge display case of beautiful baked goods and while waiting for my tea I eyed a ton of amazing cafe eats. I wish we had had time to sit down here for a meal but the iced teas we got were incredibly satisfying on their own! What’s even better is that there are locations all over the city.



4. Alfred Coffee

Here’s another one with several locations across the city. We went to the Silver Lake Location because on Thursdays Free Range food truck is parked out front, but we’ll get to them in a minute. Their nitro cold brew stole the show for us. “But first, coffee”. Oh yes.




5. Nickel Diner

This is an oldie that’s been downtown for years. We were told to come for the donuts and while that’s all we had there was a huge menu of diner eats as well. The Irish Car Bomb Donut is no more so we had their Hazelnut/Nutella flavor. It did NOT disappoint. Airy but crunchy.




6. Blu Jam Cafe

Recommended on several “best brunch” lists we had to try this place out. Any menu that has a breakfast quesadilla is a winner in my opinion. Huge portions and classic combinations done well!



7. SK Donuts and Croissants

(sorry for the lack of link – they’re website is currently down)

I must have researched donut places for hours before our trip. We heard only good things about numerous places but this one happened to be closest to our airbnb so it won out. I’m so glad! DESTINY. I seriously couldn’t decide which was my favorite. S’mores is a trendy choice these days but that’s because it’s SO GOOD. Their strawberry shortcake had a yummy strawberry pastry goo of sorts that tasted better than I just made it sound. Lastly, a maple old fashioned. I repeat, a MAPLE OLD FASHIONED. Curty and I have a thing for old fashioned donuts and while I get other types of maple donuts all the time I had never had one in this particular form. SWEET MOTHER.




8. The Griddle Cafe

COME HERE! Get whichever pancakes sound best and then settle in for a feast. We shared one order and still didn’t even make it halfway through. Sweet buttery goodness.




9. Free Range

I told you I’d get to this. Find where Free Range is parked, order the OG chicken sandwich and prepare to LOSE YOUR MIND. Ok, I totally have a favorite chicken sandwich in Chicago (in fact… I have a top 3) but I was not prepared for how amazing this was. I don’t know what the secret is. It was just pure MAGIC. We also got a breakfast chicken sandwich and that was incredible as well. If you’re going to eat one meal in LA then make it this. I’m serious.



10. Pink’s Hotdogs

Pink’s has been around forever and sometimes when that’s the case I always wonder if the hype is going to be better than the real thing. However, how can you go wrong with a hotdog that has bacon and fries on it? You can’t. You just can’t. There were so many options of hotdogs smothered in anything you can imagine and I wanted them all. Go get your footlong on!



11. In N’ Out

We’ve all heard of this one, right? This was my first time every having an In N’ Out burger and I truly wasn’t prepared. There are none of these to be found in the Midwest and I dream of this burger more often than I would like to admit. I don’t even really eat red meat anymore but I did (twice) while we were touring Cali. GO HERE. GET THE BURGER AND FRESH CUT FRIES. ASK FOR ANIMAL STYLE. That’s all you need to know.



12. Bay Cities

Now let’s head out to Santa Monica because if you’re visiting LA you should be doing this anyway. A half mile or so from the beach is this family owned deli and grocery store that wouldn’t otherwise catch your eye as a place to have a sit down. But go inside, order a GODMOTHER sandwich from the deli counter and prepare to be amazed. I eat a lot of Italian subs and I have to say that this was one of my favorites. The proof is in the pictures.




13. Rori’s Artisanal Creamery

Also, off the beaten path in Santa Monica lies a sweet little ice cream shop with rotating flavors that are incredibly unique and diversified. We have no ice cream pictures because it was gone in two seconds but Curtis had a fresh mint ice cream that was to die for and I had a honey lavender that I would’ve bathed in.


14. Bottega Louie

YUMMMM. Bottega Louie is a somewhat schmancy restaurant downtown that has a walk up pastry counter filled with a million delectable French patisseries. We came for the macaroons which were of course delicious. We didn’t eat a meal here but my little sister has and raved about the quality of food and flavor for lunch or dinner.



15. Milk

In need of dessert? Aren’t we all. Head here for ice cream concoctions that will blow your mind. As in, a fruity pebbles macaroon ice cream sandwich. Yea, you heard me. And it tasted just like the cereal. Thankfully this is another one of those with several locations across the city.



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What To Do In LA coming soon!